On April 27, 2011, Alberta Elementary School was destroyed by the EF4 tornado that devastated Tuscaloosa, Alabama. (Students were not present.) 

Four years later, what stands in its place is Alberta School of Performing Arts, an poignant example of something beautiful that came from the brokenness. 

The original students returned in January to a beautiful new school with a state-of-the-art theater, music rooms, dance studios, and art rooms. At the heart of the school is a reinforced tornado shelter that can protect the entire student body. 

Adding an innovative arts curriculum to Tuscaloosa's public schools, this Title 1 school serves one of the city's least affluent populations. They're still equipping the classrooms with necessary equipment and supplies, and will need help paying for musical instruments, dance and art supplies, as well as classroom basics. 

Our goal is to raise $5,000 (at least) for the school, to support students who have weathered life's storms. Please be part of the unexpected good things that arise in the wake of horrible things. Every dollar helps!