GoodReads Choice Awards: Please vote!

I have a big, huge (but very quick) favor to ask... Would you please visit GoodReads and vote for my book? I'm honored and thrilled that What Stands in a Storm was nominated for the GoodReads Choice Awards (Science & Technology) for best books of 2015. It's the only major book award decided by readers. 

The voting takes place in three rounds. If you vote now, you can help me make it to the semifinals. If I make it, I may be begging you to vote again...) I have nothing to win beyond bragging rights, but it could help raise awareness for a book that needs help getting on the national radar (<—Ha. See what I did there? I'm a sucker for double entendres.)


Opening Round  Nov. 3 - 8

Semifinal Round  Nov. 10 - 15

Final Round  Nov. 17 - 23